Rangers Are No Strangers In New Jersey

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After Monday nights devastating loss, the New Jersey Devils are down 0-1 to the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference Finals. The close proximity between the two franchises is separated only by the Hudson River, which gives New York a slight advantage when playing on the road, in New Jersey. The New York Rangers are the dominant franchise in the metro area and whenever the Devils are at home against the Rangers, tons of blue shirts can be seen united throughout the crowd. This has led the Devils to launch a “No Blue” campaign in a potential must win, game 3 matchup at the Prudential Center. The “No Blue” campaign encourages Devils ticket holders not to sell their open seats on the secondary market, and refers them to more reputable sources to speak directly with Devils fans interested in seats. If you are hesitant to purchase seats from a trusted blog or online source, the New Jersey Devils website is urging fans to call the Devils Fan Experience Team line at 855-DEV-ARMY and they will assist you in finding trusted Devils fans who want to buy or sell tickets.   

The “No Blue” campaign launched by the New Jersey Devils is an example of how sport public relations are used by organizations. The close proximity between the two teams, and the issue of the Devils home stadium being outnumbered by Rangers fans is also an illustration of community relations. Although the Rangers are playing on the road in New Jersey they have a larger fan base, which is complemented through their community/public relations programs. 

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